Friday, June 03, 2005

Wynn Las Vegas - a photoset on Flickr

Wynn Las Vegas - a photoset on Flickr

2005年Las Vegas最讓我期待與注目的焦點,就是Steve Wynn花了27億美金的最新Casino Resort - The Wynn Resort。Wynn Resort於2005/4/28開幕,我還沒有機會再次前去Las Vegas,不過,這個Flickr的照片集,已經讓我先一賭為快了。

Steve Wynn設計過世界上最棒的幾間Casino Resort,如Bellagio, Mirage, 和Treasure Island。他在2000年退出拉斯維加斯後,今年再次以Wynn Resort重返競爭激烈的拉斯維加斯戰場。以他過去的成功紀錄,相信Wynn Resort是相當讓人期待的。


julia said...

wynn macau 將於下個月在澳門這裡開幕了.!
how exciting! the legendary figure is coming macau- where i live.
that's thrill...
i will go and try their service , then share with you.

my name is julia. a chinese in outlook, a international in mind.

julia said...

dear ping,
i will come and see if you have leave any words for me.
we could share our opinions about wynn, and everything.

Ping said...

Julia, thank you for your message. I haven't had chance to visit Macau. It's great to know Wynn Macau will open soon in Macau. Welcome to share experiences and send me an email.

jula said...

dear ping,

wynn Macau will open on 9th next month. They certainly have invited a lot of celebrities to go their grand opening. As a small potato, I do not get the invitation.
but----since I have great admiration for Steve Wynn, I am thinking if theres any way for me to attend the grand opening...
what do you think?

waiting for your comment.

julia said...

dear pang,

here's my blog.

you are welcomed to visit and drop some comments.